Have you ever heard someone say “I’m going to be star and make tons of money one day!”

Or how about this one… “I really think my child should be a model, the next Disney star, or at least the next winner on America’s Got Talent.”

Both of these statements can 100% come true, however, it takes more than you might think to make them happen. It takes an unbreakable work ethic, the ability to sacrifice and a resilience to outside opinion and rejection. Not to mention investment of time, effort and – yes, money. This goes for both parents and inspiring talent.

So before making bold statements like the ones above, consider these harsh questions:

  1. Is my child really interested in pursuing this or is it something I want them to do? Parents know their children. Just look into their eyes, watch their body language, and listen to them when they talk…the answer is in there somewhere.
  2. Is my child enjoying the classes or rehearsals or practices that they need to take to develop their talent and self-confidence? Look for an eagerness to attend and learn. A love of being challenged and if the hard work continues outside of those rehearsals and classes.
  3. Can I/my child take criticism and – yes – the rejection that comes with being involved in the arts and entertainment industry? It’s unfortunate, but sensitivity has no place in show business. A strong sense of self in essential. Of course, it’s a learned skill, so get started now.
  4. Am I or is my child ready to commit years to reach the success they want? Are you a patient person? It takes years to become “famous”…if that ever even happens. This business is not for those who give up easily.

I do not mean to be a “downer,” it’s simply the reality that I’ve seen and experienced over my 30 years in the business. But however you answered these questions, the most important thing is to be honest with yourself and your child.

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