The Sandy DeMarco SPIRIT Scholarship

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Vibrant. Positive. Lively. Kind. Warm. If you exemplify any of these qualities, you may qualify for the Sandy DeMarco SPIRIT Scholarship at Personal Best Talent (PBT)

The Altieri Family, in memory of Sandy DeMarco, is providing scholarships to deserving first time students at Personal Best.

Sandy was a commercial model and enthusiastic supporter of PBT. She is remembered with great fondness for her contagious smile and enthusiastic support for others. Mrs. DeMarco demonstrated that same energy and positivity while courageously battling lung cancer.

The Altieri’s are offering five (5) $100 scholarships towards one of our Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 programs. We thank them for their generous gift and are honored to help keep Sandy’s SPIRIT alive.

Interested candidates should set up an interview with Susan Makai (716-831-3870) and provide two (2) non-family references describing how they are an example of positivity, initiative, and a passion for life. These should be emailed to

Eligibility: Must be a new student to Personal Best.